Letter H week and a break from teaching mama curriculum

IMG_3665     IMG_3666       IMG_3667


E decided the placement of the doors, windows and roof of the letter H house. Isn’t it cute?

The second picture was a suggested project from the curriculum. I made it using foam sheets from the dollar store, a hole punch and a borrowed shoe lace from one of dad’s shoes! We tried doing it together for a few minutes but E didn’t really think it was fun. As she gets older though it will be good hand eye coordination practice.


At ACME this week the kids got to try out a tuba. E was a little intimidated by it’s size at first by the teacher did a good job getting her to warm up to it.

IMG_3680  Library day was special this week as the Mayor came and read to the kids.

IMG_3669   IMG_3674

The cat with the -at hat was a cute project from the curriculum. Obviously a 2 year old is probably not going to grasp the concept but it’s never too early to start introducing new concepts. E made her daddy love cards with hearts.

H was an easy letter to find books for so while I have been down with a hurting back we’ve been reading lots of books this week.

There are also a lot of cute videos on youtube that we watched teaching letters. I sat on the couch with my back hurting and clapped for her while she danced to the letter H songs.

I was hoping to be able to keep up with the curriculum throughout my pregnancy and taking a break once E’s brother is born but due to some health challenges life has got to slow way down these last few weeks of my pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to the weather hopefully starting to cool down and planning some fall activities with E. It makes me so happy to see how excited E is about a new baby and I can’t wait to experience her excitement of meeting him.

With 2-3 doctors appointments a week and all the other challenges we are going through right now I don’t imagine I’ll be blogging very much in the upcoming weeks but we’ll see!





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