My Super Laid Back Fall Decorations

Being big and pregnant I don’t have much energy for extras these days so I choose 3 small areas and focused on decorating those. It didn’t take long but makes it look a little festive and cozy.

Here are the before’s of two of the areas. The entry way area and the wood stove.

IMG_3617 IMG_3618

And the afters…

IMG_3742 IMG_3743

On the chalkboard I wrote Hebrews 13:15 “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”

I’ve named the pumpkin “the thankful pumpkin” and wrote with a sharpie what I’m thankful for. I’m planning on having guests add what they are thankful for to it as we have people over.

In front of the books I put a piece of burlap and some pinecones from outside. Nothing fancy but I like it! On the wood stove I placed the pilgrim and Indian figurines that T’s aunt gave me when we got married and also a wreath that my Grandma made.

IMG_3744 I set up our other pumpkins outside along with the scarecrow that E exclaimed was, “soooo pretty!”

Not pictured, right in front of the door there is;

  1. a straw
  2. some potting moss
  3. pumpkin candle holders

This was E’s contribution to the decorating along with some purple fake flowers she put on the nursery floor. She’s so cute!

Happy Fall!


Day In The Life Of Me- Daddy’s Night Off Edition and Celebrating Fall


Looking back at this post more than a month later, I realize TJ was born 2 days later! My body really was getting ready for labor!


This is the last one I’m going to do of these and I thought it would be fun to record our favorite time of the week- T’s night off!

On this shift T and I have polar opposite schedules. I woke up early to have enough time to get dressed and tidy up the master bedroom and bathroom before T got home. About the time he got home E woke up. We all spent a few minutes together and I got to hear about T’s night before he went to sleep and I started my day with E.

Tonight T is off work so we have some fun stuff planned for this afternoon and evening. Our plans revolve around fall fun so I started off the day by making E a breakfast of pumpkin pie spice french toast and chocolate milk. Mmm.. After she ate I set her up with crayons so I could eat my eggs and toast. E then watched a baby Einstein video while I washed dishes and started some laundry.


It was a beautiful fall morning and I loved the cozy feeling of opening up the windows to let the crisp air in and lighting some fall scented candles.

I e-mailed my endocrinologist my blood sugars from the past week and then headed outside with E to try and burn some energy off her.

Once we came in my back was hurting really bad (carrying a big boy here!). I brought E up to her school room and set out play dough and educational toys and she played while I rested on the couch. She made me lots of make believe food for me to pretend taste! I used this time to do some kick counts. Baby boy was moving around fine! Once the pain in my back calmed down enough to get up I worked on the laundry and we had lunch.

We usually go to music class on Tuesdays but since T is off tonight I stayed home to put E down for an early nap so she would be rested enough for us to go out this afternoon.

I rested some and worked on meal planning and making a grocery list while E and T slept. They both woke up around 2 and we headed out to a farm about 45 minutes from us that has a beautiful apple orchard and pumpkin patch.

Yesterday we had dropped off our car to get professionally cleaned before the baby is born. A splurge but so so nice to have done! We had to go pick it up and pay for it since the place was getting ready to closed so we picked up the car and left the truck there to pick up after our pumpkin patch trip.

We brought E to this same farm last year and it was so neat to compare how much she had grown over the last year. I brought my camera and took lots of pictures. We were late on picking apples as the few remaining on the trees were rotten so we bought some apples they had picked earlier and picked out some pumpkins. I got really hot (it’s still as hot as 85-90 degrees here in the after noons even though its October.) I started having contractions frequent and increasingly intense.


After leaving the farm we went out for dinner at a Mexican place. I wasn’t able to eat much because of the growing intensity of the contractions. On the way home we were timing the contractions and trying to figure out if this was real labor or a false alarm. We got home and did a big face palm when we realized while we were thinking about contractions we had forgotten the truck! I had concluded by this point that this was not real labor but contractions from getting too hot and too tired. We had to go get the truck and I was okay to drive. When you live out in the country it’s not easy going all the way back to town like that! On the way home I had several contractions but they were getting farther apart and not closer together. For now it seems like baby boy is going to hang out for another night at least.

T read E books then I bathed her and got her ready for bed. T got all the rest of the baby stuff down from the attic that we were waiting until the very end of the pregnancy to get down. The bassinet, the swing and the baby tub. Brings back so many baby E memories! He also got down the fall decorations for me. I had thought we would have time to have a little fall party tonight and make some treats and decorate but there are just not enough hours in the day sometimes and E needed to go to bed and I was tired too! I’m looking forward to doing that stuff and maybe some pumpkin decorating with E tomorrow.

T put E to bed for me and I got to enjoy a hot shower! We then watched a Netflix movie that we have been trying for weeks to get a chance to watch! T’s nights off are when our opposite schedules are the hardest. It was difficult for me to stay up until 11:30 after such a long day but we also really needed to spend some time together! We’re in a crazy busy season of life right now and we have to just accept that and realize it’s not forever.

Anyways, I went to sleep and T headed off with my grocery list and did our grocery shopping for me to keep himself awake. I was very happy about that! Grocery shopping 9 months pregnant with a 2 year old has not been easy!

I’m sure they’re mundane for someone else to read but I really enjoyed writing these 3 “day in the life of” posts. They’re going to be fun for me to look back at in the future.




Letter H week and a break from teaching mama curriculum

IMG_3665     IMG_3666       IMG_3667


E decided the placement of the doors, windows and roof of the letter H house. Isn’t it cute?

The second picture was a suggested project from the curriculum. I made it using foam sheets from the dollar store, a hole punch and a borrowed shoe lace from one of dad’s shoes! We tried doing it together for a few minutes but E didn’t really think it was fun. As she gets older though it will be good hand eye coordination practice.


At ACME this week the kids got to try out a tuba. E was a little intimidated by it’s size at first by the teacher did a good job getting her to warm up to it.

IMG_3680  Library day was special this week as the Mayor came and read to the kids.

IMG_3669   IMG_3674

The cat with the -at hat was a cute project from the curriculum. Obviously a 2 year old is probably not going to grasp the concept but it’s never too early to start introducing new concepts. E made her daddy love cards with hearts.

H was an easy letter to find books for so while I have been down with a hurting back we’ve been reading lots of books this week.

There are also a lot of cute videos on youtube that we watched teaching letters. I sat on the couch with my back hurting and clapped for her while she danced to the letter H songs.

I was hoping to be able to keep up with the curriculum throughout my pregnancy and taking a break once E’s brother is born but due to some health challenges life has got to slow way down these last few weeks of my pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to the weather hopefully starting to cool down and planning some fall activities with E. It makes me so happy to see how excited E is about a new baby and I can’t wait to experience her excitement of meeting him.

With 2-3 doctors appointments a week and all the other challenges we are going through right now I don’t imagine I’ll be blogging very much in the upcoming weeks but we’ll see!




Letter G fun!


Giraffe, glue, gingerbread..

IMG_3615  IMG_3602

We made a letter G goat and over the weekend she pet a real goat so I’m counting that for the week too! 🙂

IMG_3614 She really liked getting to use as much glitter glue as she wanted. (she used it all!)

IMG_3620 We read books, but the funnest part of the week was..

IMG_3616  IMG_3632

… Letter G snacks! Grapes and gummy worms. E had never had gummy worms before that I can remember so she was pretty amused by the dirt and worms dessert.

Have a great weekend!