Day In The Life Of Me Episode 2

Monday morning started early as my husband and I awoke to discover we had plumbing problems. There was nothing we could do about it at the moment though because we both had to leave. I wrote down a list of supplies my husband would need to fix it this evening and we had to get ready for the day with limited water.

A little before 5 hubby left for work. I packed E a breakfast and snacks, clothes and stuff for the day and had my coffee. I had to get E up a little before 6:30 and head to my sister in laws house who is sweetly watching Ella every monday morning until Jr. is born while I go to the high risk doctors office for a NST. E was so excited to see her cousins she didn’t even mind getting woke up.

With all the rush hour traffic it took almost 2 hours for me to get to the Doctors office. Once there I went through the normal Monday routine of getting my vitals checked and laying down on a table with 2 monitors around my belly and a clicker button in my hand to track the baby’s movements.

After 30 minutes or so and several attempts by the nurse to get the baby’s heart rate up with a buzzer I was sent for a bio physical profile of the baby to make sure everything looked healthy since we weren’t seeing what we needed to on the monitor. Baby was healthy, just in a really deep sleep. To pass the bpp one of the things they need to see is movement. Jr didn’t want to move though! I could see on the ultra sound me and the nurse shaking his little foot and wiggling his chubby bum but he would not wake up! It took close to 20 minutes to finally get a good stretch from the sleepy guy! I meet with the Dr. and discussed plans for the rest of my pregnancy and delivery and was on my way.

Once back to my home town I stopped at wal-mart and got the list of needed supplies for hubby to fix the pluming issues. After filling up on gas I was so starving and knowing it would be difficult to cook at home without water I got a hamburger at a drive thru and scarfed it down before I was barley out of the parking lot!

I picked up E around 12:30 who was very upset with me for making her leave her cousins house! She has so much fun with them.

I calmed her down once we got home with an episode of blues clues and a snack. In all it took about an hour to get her to sleep before I could finally lay down exhausted. 30 minutes later she was at my side saying, “hi mommy!”

I dragged myself out of bed, downed a cup of coffee then set the timer for an hour and picked up the house for that time. T called and said he went ahead and called a plumber so I was trying to get everything in shape before he got here.

I fed E a snack then started some preschool activities with her. As tired as I was, choosing to set aside my to do list to have some fun with E was really the best part of the day.

5:00 the plumber showed up and I started supper while he worked. Thankfully I had a meal on hand that didn’t require any water. I made meatball sandwiches with pre made frozen meatballs. All I had to do was heat up the meatballs and sauce, toast the bread and shred the cheese.

The plumber was able to fix everything quickly and then T got him home. After supper we sent the evening catching up on things that we hadn’t been able to do without water. Dishes, laundry, showers!

We played with E, I read her a couple books and got her down early. T and I got to spend the evening relaxing and looking forward to his day off tomorrow!

What a full blessed day!



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