Day In The Life Of Me!

I was thinking the other day about how quickly each day seems to go by lately and how this chapter of my life is about to close and a new one is about to start. These days with it just being E and I are are shortly going to change with the birth of her brother and things will quickly become even crazier and busier than they are now! I know looking back even though I am in the thick of parenting a two year old and managing a high risk pregnancy I will miss these days.

I decided to do a little writing project for the sake of making memories. Each day is so full and going by so fast I want to take the time to record several “day in the life of” posts so one day I can look back on them and remember what our lives looked like. Even though it all may seem so mundane I know these are the best days of my life and my children may one day enjoy seeing what their day today looked like when they were little.

Today is Friday.

The day started off around quarter till 5 when I gave my husband a groggy kiss good bye and set my alarm to wake me up at 5:30 before going back to sleep.

At 5:30 I got up and enjoyed a peaceful half an hour that I spent reading my Bible, sipping my coffee and spending time with the Lord. I had just enough time to finish writing a to do list for the day before E woke up.

We snuggled a few minutes on the couch and made shadow puppets in the dark before I put on her requested episode of Little Einsteins. That gave me about 25 minutes to quickly dress, take my blood sugar and insulin and cook some breakfast for us.

After breakfast and dressing E for the day I set her up with play dough which kept her busy for almost 30 minutes as I ran around as fast as I could doing my morning chores.

After cleaning up the play dough, I had some “diabetes stuff” to take care of. I uploaded my numbers from the previous week to the computer and sent them to my endocrinologist. After I called the doctors diabetes educator’s number to let him know I had sent the doctor an email. I also had to make a phone call to the supply company I get my pump supplies from and make a reorder for the next several months. With a finger prick for my post breakfast number I was done with diabetes stuff for a couple of hours!

It was a beautiful crisp fall morning so I decided to take E to the park before I had to bring the car to get the oil changed. I packed snacks and drinks, books and toys for the outing.

We headed out about quarter till nine and had a really nice hour at the park.

IMG_3576 IMG_3581

I had brought the car to get the oil changed a couple days ago at another place but they couldn’t get the oil cap off and suggested I go get it changed at this other place. I told them the situation and they told me no problem and pulled my car right in. I entertained E in the waiting room for 2 hours before they told me they were afraid they were going to break the cap. They ordered a new one and are having me come back next week and they will try again when they have another cap on hand incase they break it. Sigh..

I tried to keep E awake for the almost 20 minute ride home so she could eat some lunch before she napped. As little ones do though she fell asleep about 2 minutes from home. I laid her in her bed and used her nap time to change my infusion set on my insulin pump, eat my lunch, start this post and rest my tired 8 month pregnant body! 🙂

After her nap and some lunch I finished up preschool at home with E.

With it being Friday our schoolroom was a mess so we spent 45 minutes or so getting it straitened out and ready for next week. (It may not have taken so long but I did have a little helper 🙂 )

I published this weeks homeschool post while trying to encourage E in some independent play with her baby doll and play kitchen stuff.

I was able to accomplish a list of chores that needed done and finally 5:00 rolled around when it was time to start supper.

I had been trying unsuccessfully all afternoon to get E to go on the potty (even trying to bribe her with ice-cream!) but she refused to go. Just as I was about to start supper she had such a messy accident that she had to go straight to the tub!

Half an hour later… I was able to start supper. I put an acorn squash in the oven along with butter, lemon and garlic salt coated chicken legs. I started some rice on the stove top.

With a few minutes to spare before T got home I turned the t.v on for Ella and ran to the bathroom to freshen up, change out of my dirty shirt, and throw a little makeup and some jewelry on. I snapped a quick selfie to celebrate that today I am 33 weeks pregnant!


I came out of the bathroom to find E not in front of the T.V but in the other bathroom with her face covered with lipstick and toothpaste! How does that even happen that fast!? Somehow during this time I was able to suck down a juice box to bring up my plummeting blood sugar and get out a calculator to add up the carbs in my meal.

With the chaos under control and supper almost ready we were at the door to meet T with kisses and begin the very best part of the day.

We enjoyed a family dinner at the table and relaxed and visited after a long day apart. I didn’t do the dishes but simply stacked them in the sink and ran some water over them. The dishes will still be there tomorrow but our time together as a family is limited.

E got to have some horse play time with daddy and then I fed her a bowl of ice-cream. We all climbed into our king sized bed and daddy read E  some Tom Sawyer and then I read her a book until she got sleepy. I then was able to rock her to sleep in the glider and tuck her in her own bed.

And that was a day in the life of me! It was fun for me to sit down and write this. All these little moments pass by so fast and are quickly forgotten, I liked writing down all the little experiences I shared with E in a day.





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