Teaching The Letter F

IMG_3505   IMG_3506

We’re doing a lot of frog and fish projects this week. Before doing the life cycle of a frog activity sheet that was a printable from the teaching mama curriculum I showed E a video for kids on youtube about tadpoles growing into frogs.

IMG_3504  Flowers, frogs, fish, feathers…

IMG_3507  This particular activity was a little too advanced for E. She tried hard though to pick up a gold fish with a pair of tweezers! She did manage to mash up a bunch of gold fish in the process but she also ate a bunch so she was happy.


I love these pictures from music class this week! She was so cute trying to blow the trumpet. We would get her to pucker her lips like she was blowing a raspberry but each time she got near the mouth piece she wanted to put the whole thing in her mouth like she was eating it! Her monkey even got to try.

IMG_3583 IMG_3584

We traced our feet and played a foot game that was recently given to us. After, we listened to an audio of “The Foot Book” by Dr. Seuss

IMG_3586  Ella likes the Froggy books, she thinks it’s funny when the mama frog yells “Frooogy!”


This week’s Bible story was the tower of Babel. I’ll be doing some research and getting some ideas of toddler Bible time because she’s not that interested in the felts and I want her to have fun with it. Let me know if you have any suggestions!


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