Week 4 of Preschool at Home

This week I’m teaching E the letter D which involved lots of dinosaur fun!

IMG_3342  IMG_3377

Pictured first was an easy sensory box that E had fun with. I simply put dirt, sticks, rocks and grass in a bucket along  with some of her plastic dinosaurs then set it out on the porch for her to play with.

She thought the pokey purple dinosaur was funny.

IMG_3343   I’ve been surprised by how much she likes these letter boxes. I pull it out once each morning to review it with her and she acts like it’s just as exciting as the day before.

IMG_3344   IMG_3345

This week I told her the story of Noah and the flood, up until the point that they are on the water. I’ll save the rest of the story for next week.

IMG_3381  She got to try and blow the trombone during music class Tuesday!

IMG_3393 Library wiggle fingers!

IMG_3400 IMG_3401 IMG_3404

Salt dough dinosaur fossils. Yes it was as messy as it sounds!

IMG_3405  Our duck eggs. The curriculum suggested dinosaur eggs but I couldn’t find any small plastic dinosaurs so I went with the ducks instead. Dinosaurs probably would have worked better though as the ducks kind of floated to the top. I bought white balloons and put the ducks inside. Next I  filled the balloons with water and froze them over night. We “cracked” them open the next morning by cutting off the ballons then I gave them to E to play with as they melted.

IMG_3406 IMG_3407

The concept of this activity was a little advanced for a 2 year old but an older child would enjoy it. I numbered the clothespins 1-10. The dinosaurs were a printable that came with the curriculum. Each dinosaur is numbered and the activity is to match the clothes pin to it’s matching dinosaur. Poor E wasn’t so thrilled with this because she pinched her hand with a clothespin and then didn’t trust them after that. She liked coloring the dinosaurs though.

IMG_3408  Letter D books from the library.


And that’s our letter D week! I’m looking forward to next week because I have some neat ideas for using the week to introduce E to spelling her name.








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