Week 3! The Letter C!

How have 3 weeks flown by already?!

IMG_3286       IMG_3285

Her C box and her cute caterpillar!

This week was her first music class of the year at ACME and she loved it!

IMG_3299         IMG_3302        IMG_3297

She’s not shy and she loves to dance! In the second picture they were making a train for the song “little red caboose.”

IMG_3322  This week’s Bible story was the fall of man. I said to Ella in a sober voice, “Adam and Eve were ashamed and tried to hide from God. Can we hide from God?” She pulled the Adam figure out from behind the tree and yelled, “peek-a-boo!” Then proceeded to hide behind the chair with him and jump out yelling “peek-a-boo!” It cracked me up to think how a two year old’s  perception of the story of sin entering the world was “peek-a-boo!”

IMG_3310                            IMG_3309

This week story time at the library started up again for the year. I could see how much she had grown up over the summer as this was the first time she was interested in the story part of story time. The singing, stretching and parachute were still her favorite parts though!

IMG_3327  The “C” books we enjoyed this week.


8 cups flour + 1 cup baby oil + shells and small toys = lots of fun! It’s called cloud sand.

IMG_3319 This was an activity from the curriculum. The object was to sort colored paper clips and put them on matching paper. E didn’t yet have the coordination to put the paper clips on the paper but it was good practice and gave us an opportunity to talk about color, sorting and patterns.

IMG_3320 She was very excited though when she saw I had bought her a pair of scissors. She felt very grown up learning to use them! 🙂


This was a messy activity but loads of fun and one I hadn’t seen before. It’s paint made by mixing glue and shaving cream. She painted clouds that dry puffy. She made so many of them I plan to decorate the ceiling in our school room with them.

The curriculum told us to go outside and look at clouds but with it be almost 100 degrees everyday I compensated by looking up videos on youtube that teach kids about clouds and we watched those instead. 🙂

Thanks for letting us share another week of preschool at home!


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