Day In The Life Of Me Episode 2

Monday morning started early as my husband and I awoke to discover we had plumbing problems. There was nothing we could do about it at the moment though because we both had to leave. I wrote down a list of supplies my husband would need to fix it this evening and we had to get ready for the day with limited water.

A little before 5 hubby left for work. I packed E a breakfast and snacks, clothes and stuff for the day and had my coffee. I had to get E up a little before 6:30 and head to my sister in laws house who is sweetly watching Ella every monday morning until Jr. is born while I go to the high risk doctors office for a NST. E was so excited to see her cousins she didn’t even mind getting woke up.

With all the rush hour traffic it took almost 2 hours for me to get to the Doctors office. Once there I went through the normal Monday routine of getting my vitals checked and laying down on a table with 2 monitors around my belly and a clicker button in my hand to track the baby’s movements.

After 30 minutes or so and several attempts by the nurse to get the baby’s heart rate up with a buzzer I was sent for a bio physical profile of the baby to make sure everything looked healthy since we weren’t seeing what we needed to on the monitor. Baby was healthy, just in a really deep sleep. To pass the bpp one of the things they need to see is movement. Jr didn’t want to move though! I could see on the ultra sound me and the nurse shaking his little foot and wiggling his chubby bum but he would not wake up! It took close to 20 minutes to finally get a good stretch from the sleepy guy! I meet with the Dr. and discussed plans for the rest of my pregnancy and delivery and was on my way.

Once back to my home town I stopped at wal-mart and got the list of needed supplies for hubby to fix the pluming issues. After filling up on gas I was so starving and knowing it would be difficult to cook at home without water I got a hamburger at a drive thru and scarfed it down before I was barley out of the parking lot!

I picked up E around 12:30 who was very upset with me for making her leave her cousins house! She has so much fun with them.

I calmed her down once we got home with an episode of blues clues and a snack. In all it took about an hour to get her to sleep before I could finally lay down exhausted. 30 minutes later she was at my side saying, “hi mommy!”

I dragged myself out of bed, downed a cup of coffee then set the timer for an hour and picked up the house for that time. T called and said he went ahead and called a plumber so I was trying to get everything in shape before he got here.

I fed E a snack then started some preschool activities with her. As tired as I was, choosing to set aside my to do list to have some fun with E was really the best part of the day.

5:00 the plumber showed up and I started supper while he worked. Thankfully I had a meal on hand that didn’t require any water. I made meatball sandwiches with pre made frozen meatballs. All I had to do was heat up the meatballs and sauce, toast the bread and shred the cheese.

The plumber was able to fix everything quickly and then T got him home. After supper we sent the evening catching up on things that we hadn’t been able to do without water. Dishes, laundry, showers!

We played with E, I read her a couple books and got her down early. T and I got to spend the evening relaxing and looking forward to his day off tomorrow!

What a full blessed day!



Day In The Life Of Me!

I was thinking the other day about how quickly each day seems to go by lately and how this chapter of my life is about to close and a new one is about to start. These days with it just being E and I are are shortly going to change with the birth of her brother and things will quickly become even crazier and busier than they are now! I know looking back even though I am in the thick of parenting a two year old and managing a high risk pregnancy I will miss these days.

I decided to do a little writing project for the sake of making memories. Each day is so full and going by so fast I want to take the time to record several “day in the life of” posts so one day I can look back on them and remember what our lives looked like. Even though it all may seem so mundane I know these are the best days of my life and my children may one day enjoy seeing what their day today looked like when they were little.

Today is Friday.

The day started off around quarter till 5 when I gave my husband a groggy kiss good bye and set my alarm to wake me up at 5:30 before going back to sleep.

At 5:30 I got up and enjoyed a peaceful half an hour that I spent reading my Bible, sipping my coffee and spending time with the Lord. I had just enough time to finish writing a to do list for the day before E woke up.

We snuggled a few minutes on the couch and made shadow puppets in the dark before I put on her requested episode of Little Einsteins. That gave me about 25 minutes to quickly dress, take my blood sugar and insulin and cook some breakfast for us.

After breakfast and dressing E for the day I set her up with play dough which kept her busy for almost 30 minutes as I ran around as fast as I could doing my morning chores.

After cleaning up the play dough, I had some “diabetes stuff” to take care of. I uploaded my numbers from the previous week to the computer and sent them to my endocrinologist. After I called the doctors diabetes educator’s number to let him know I had sent the doctor an email. I also had to make a phone call to the supply company I get my pump supplies from and make a reorder for the next several months. With a finger prick for my post breakfast number I was done with diabetes stuff for a couple of hours!

It was a beautiful crisp fall morning so I decided to take E to the park before I had to bring the car to get the oil changed. I packed snacks and drinks, books and toys for the outing.

We headed out about quarter till nine and had a really nice hour at the park.

IMG_3576 IMG_3581

I had brought the car to get the oil changed a couple days ago at another place but they couldn’t get the oil cap off and suggested I go get it changed at this other place. I told them the situation and they told me no problem and pulled my car right in. I entertained E in the waiting room for 2 hours before they told me they were afraid they were going to break the cap. They ordered a new one and are having me come back next week and they will try again when they have another cap on hand incase they break it. Sigh..

I tried to keep E awake for the almost 20 minute ride home so she could eat some lunch before she napped. As little ones do though she fell asleep about 2 minutes from home. I laid her in her bed and used her nap time to change my infusion set on my insulin pump, eat my lunch, start this post and rest my tired 8 month pregnant body! 🙂

After her nap and some lunch I finished up preschool at home with E.

With it being Friday our schoolroom was a mess so we spent 45 minutes or so getting it straitened out and ready for next week. (It may not have taken so long but I did have a little helper 🙂 )

I published this weeks homeschool post while trying to encourage E in some independent play with her baby doll and play kitchen stuff.

I was able to accomplish a list of chores that needed done and finally 5:00 rolled around when it was time to start supper.

I had been trying unsuccessfully all afternoon to get E to go on the potty (even trying to bribe her with ice-cream!) but she refused to go. Just as I was about to start supper she had such a messy accident that she had to go straight to the tub!

Half an hour later… I was able to start supper. I put an acorn squash in the oven along with butter, lemon and garlic salt coated chicken legs. I started some rice on the stove top.

With a few minutes to spare before T got home I turned the t.v on for Ella and ran to the bathroom to freshen up, change out of my dirty shirt, and throw a little makeup and some jewelry on. I snapped a quick selfie to celebrate that today I am 33 weeks pregnant!


I came out of the bathroom to find E not in front of the T.V but in the other bathroom with her face covered with lipstick and toothpaste! How does that even happen that fast!? Somehow during this time I was able to suck down a juice box to bring up my plummeting blood sugar and get out a calculator to add up the carbs in my meal.

With the chaos under control and supper almost ready we were at the door to meet T with kisses and begin the very best part of the day.

We enjoyed a family dinner at the table and relaxed and visited after a long day apart. I didn’t do the dishes but simply stacked them in the sink and ran some water over them. The dishes will still be there tomorrow but our time together as a family is limited.

E got to have some horse play time with daddy and then I fed her a bowl of ice-cream. We all climbed into our king sized bed and daddy read E  some Tom Sawyer and then I read her a book until she got sleepy. I then was able to rock her to sleep in the glider and tuck her in her own bed.

And that was a day in the life of me! It was fun for me to sit down and write this. All these little moments pass by so fast and are quickly forgotten, I liked writing down all the little experiences I shared with E in a day.




Teaching The Letter F

IMG_3505   IMG_3506

We’re doing a lot of frog and fish projects this week. Before doing the life cycle of a frog activity sheet that was a printable from the teaching mama curriculum I showed E a video for kids on youtube about tadpoles growing into frogs.

IMG_3504  Flowers, frogs, fish, feathers…

IMG_3507  This particular activity was a little too advanced for E. She tried hard though to pick up a gold fish with a pair of tweezers! She did manage to mash up a bunch of gold fish in the process but she also ate a bunch so she was happy.


I love these pictures from music class this week! She was so cute trying to blow the trumpet. We would get her to pucker her lips like she was blowing a raspberry but each time she got near the mouth piece she wanted to put the whole thing in her mouth like she was eating it! Her monkey even got to try.

IMG_3583 IMG_3584

We traced our feet and played a foot game that was recently given to us. After, we listened to an audio of “The Foot Book” by Dr. Seuss

IMG_3586  Ella likes the Froggy books, she thinks it’s funny when the mama frog yells “Frooogy!”


This week’s Bible story was the tower of Babel. I’ll be doing some research and getting some ideas of toddler Bible time because she’s not that interested in the felts and I want her to have fun with it. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Teaching the letter E

IMG_3459         IMG_3460

Here’s our E elephant and this week’s letter box. I’ve realized that the vowels are the hardest to come up with objects that start with that letter and also to find books that start with that letter.

IMG_3458 IMG_3462

We made eye ball critters with play dough and I bought E a sun catcher to paint of her name. The curriculum suggested several activities with plastic and felt eggs but unless it was easter time I don’t think I would be able to find those anywhere.

IMG_3487  E books!

IMG_3468  I finished teaching the story of the flood.

IMG_3485  This was a cute project from the teaching mama curriculum. I traced E’s hand and we made her hand prints into elephants. Afterwards we listened to Horton Hears a Who! by Dr. Seuss.

IMG_3471 IMG_3480

During music class Tuesday the teacher read a Pete The Cat sing- a-long book. The kids stomped their feet in time to the cats song.

This week was a little more low key due to the increasing number of doctors appointments and health challenges I’ve been facing as my pregnancy progresses. Looking back over the week though we did actually manage to fit in quite a bit!


Week 4 of Preschool at Home

This week I’m teaching E the letter D which involved lots of dinosaur fun!

IMG_3342  IMG_3377

Pictured first was an easy sensory box that E had fun with. I simply put dirt, sticks, rocks and grass in a bucket along  with some of her plastic dinosaurs then set it out on the porch for her to play with.

She thought the pokey purple dinosaur was funny.

IMG_3343   I’ve been surprised by how much she likes these letter boxes. I pull it out once each morning to review it with her and she acts like it’s just as exciting as the day before.

IMG_3344   IMG_3345

This week I told her the story of Noah and the flood, up until the point that they are on the water. I’ll save the rest of the story for next week.

IMG_3381  She got to try and blow the trombone during music class Tuesday!

IMG_3393 Library wiggle fingers!

IMG_3400 IMG_3401 IMG_3404

Salt dough dinosaur fossils. Yes it was as messy as it sounds!

IMG_3405  Our duck eggs. The curriculum suggested dinosaur eggs but I couldn’t find any small plastic dinosaurs so I went with the ducks instead. Dinosaurs probably would have worked better though as the ducks kind of floated to the top. I bought white balloons and put the ducks inside. Next I  filled the balloons with water and froze them over night. We “cracked” them open the next morning by cutting off the ballons then I gave them to E to play with as they melted.

IMG_3406 IMG_3407

The concept of this activity was a little advanced for a 2 year old but an older child would enjoy it. I numbered the clothespins 1-10. The dinosaurs were a printable that came with the curriculum. Each dinosaur is numbered and the activity is to match the clothes pin to it’s matching dinosaur. Poor E wasn’t so thrilled with this because she pinched her hand with a clothespin and then didn’t trust them after that. She liked coloring the dinosaurs though.

IMG_3408  Letter D books from the library.


And that’s our letter D week! I’m looking forward to next week because I have some neat ideas for using the week to introduce E to spelling her name.







Day In The Life Of: Diabetes and Pregnancy

I know before I had my first child it was hard to find examples of what life looked like with diabetes and pregnancy. There is plenty of medical literature but I wanted to hear from a real life mom who was juggling life, motherhood and diabetes and see what it actually looked like. I decided to write a post like that here in my own little corner of the internet.

Keep in mind that diabetes care looks different for everyone and I know stereotypes about what diabetes care should look like can be annoying. This is what it looks like for me today in this stage of pregnancy (31 weeks.)

I decided for the sake of sharing that as I went about my day when ever I stopped to do something diabetes or pregnancy care related I would snap a picture to give a little insight into what my everyday looks like.

IMG_3380   It’s a little after 1:00 a.m and I woke up to use the restroom. I don’t set a timer to take a night time finger prick but the more information I can gather about what my blood sugar is doing the better, so if I wake up I’ll do a finger prick.

IMG_3368 Your wake up number is one of the most important numbers of the day to get. Mine was 90 which was fine. Around 80 is normal but anything under 100 is acceptable. I wake up around 5:30am but I don’t eat breakfast until my daughter does around 7:30 to 8:00 and since my blood sugar was not high this morning I don’t take any extra insulin at this time. I am on an insulin pump (the t slim) so through that I get small amounts of insulin dripped in me around the clock (called a basal insulin) If I eat or need to correct a high number I will take a dose called a bolus.

IMG_3372 IMG_3371

To cut out some of the variables that could cause fluctuating blood sugar when I am pregnant I usually eat the same thing for breakfast every day or something very similar. I am having 2 fried eggs with two pieces of Ezekiel bread (a high protein high fiber bread.) 2 slices after subtracting the dietary fiber equals 26 carbs. I take a small correction to try and lower my number of 97 to my goal of 80 and the rest is to cover the toast. For breakfast I take 1 unit of insulin for every 6 carbohydrates. For me this is quite a bit of insulin. My pre pregnancy carb to insulin ratio was 1:10 but pregnancy causes both insulin resistance and an increased need for insulin to grow a baby. I take a pre breakfast number in addition to my wake up number because although todays number was very close some days my pre breakfast number is much higher due to something called the dawn phenomenon where hormones that become active after we wake up cause insulin resistance and high blood sugar.

IMG_3374 IMG_3373

I take my vitamins at this time which consist of a prenatal and extra folic acid. Extra folic acid is generally recommend to pregnant diabetics, especially those with type 1, because the fluctuating blood sugars can cause our babies to have an increased risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida and folic acid is known to help prevent spinal cord defects. As you can see I drink water in the a.m. For all types of diabetes, 1, 2 and gestational, during pregnancy, it is usually recommended to have no fruit or milk before noon as that is when the hormones that cause insulin resistance are in full swing and it is the hardest time of the day for the insulin to work with the fast acting sugar in milk and fruit.

I set a timer to remind myself to do a finger prick 2 hours after the time I begin eating.

IMG_3378  The timer goes off and my 2 hour post breakfast number is is 193. Normal is under 130 preferably under 120 during pregnancy. I take 2.48 units of insulin as my correction factor at the moment is set at 1:25. This means that 1 unit of insulin will lower my blood sugar about 25 points. My pre pregnancy corrections factor was something like 1:60. Again, blame it on those pregnancy hormones!

IMG_3369  With type 1 diabetes you will record all your blood sugars and be in contact with your doctor as much as every 3-7 days for 9 loooong months. The needs of your body and your babies body changes rapidly. What may have worked yesterday as far as insulin requirements may not work today and things may be different tomorrow. Especially in the third trimester. Here I am using the computer program that comes with the T slim insulin pump that downloads all my information that I have entered into my pump, then puts it into pdf form that I can email to my endocrinologist.

Speaking of endocrinologists, before you get pregnant or as soon as you get pregnant you need to get one. Most OBGYN’s even the high risk ones don’t know a lot about about type 1 diabetes and would rather an endocrinologist take care of your diabetes. If you are doing shots an OBGYN may be willing to take care of your diabetes but if you are on a pump even the high risk OBGYN’s are pretty clueless. They simply don’t get trained in insulin pumps. If they do their knowledge is still limited compared to an endocrinologists.

Which brings me to this;

IMG_3375 I have four doctors overseeing my pregnancy. Four doctors that I, as the patient must make sure are all communicating and on the same page. Get a pocket calendar! As you near the third trimester the number of appointments gets insane! Non stress tests to listen to the baby’s heart will start twice weekly at 32 weeks. In my situation my doctor is about 1 1/2 hours away. He wants to do one of the NST’s per week but said another doctor in the town I live in can do the other one. It’s up to me to get these NST’s set up starting next week but I have been calling for days without getting through to scheduling. Diabetes and pregnancy consists of lots of paper work, phone calls and driving!

IMG_3385  Speaking of driving.. driving is my pump charging time! Thankfully my car has a USB outlet in it. Today while driving to and from my daughters music class I juiced it up! Others tell me they charge their pumps while they shower but other moms know showers for us last like 5 minutes so I had to find another time to charge it and this works for me!

IMG_3387   IMG_3386

Lunch time! It’s sometime after 1:00 and my blood sugar is 64. Pre pregnancy this would be considered low but during pregnancy when your goal pre meal number is 70-80 then 64 isn’t really that low. I had 60 carbs; chicken noodle soup, 1 cup milk (yes i drank right out of the measuring cup!), raw veggies, a cheese stick and a granola bar. I took a little less insulin than i normally would due to the lower blood sugar and took 8.57 units of insulin.

IMG_3388  Two hours later I was a little high but didn’t take any insulin to correct because I still had some insulin on board (insulin that was still active in my body from my lunch bolus.)

IMG_3390  IMG_3389

It’s dinner! Did a finger prick, my number had come down to 89 and I was going to eat 50 carbs. I took 8.33 units of insulin to cover my meal of sweet potato, hamburger patty, 1 cup milk, salad and 2 prunes and 1 tbs peanut butter for dessert. (weird I know!)

IMG_3392  Two hours later I was 76. I had a half cup of milk (6 carbs) since I only wanted to bring it up a little. By 10:00 p.m I was still in the 70’s so I had a little more milk and near midnight I was still shaking and unable to sleep so I went ahead and treated with some juice. Unfortunately I woke up the next morning with a high of 136.

So there it is! An “average day” of balancing pregnancy, diabetes and motherhood. Of course those who have been here realize there is really no such thing as an “average day.”

Anyways, I’m hoping this turns out to be helpful to someone! I know I would have been interested in a post like this when I first started having my babies.

Since this is the internet and the internet can be a weird place, I’ll post a disclaimer saying this is in no way “medical advice” just my own experience of living with diabetes

Week 3! The Letter C!

How have 3 weeks flown by already?!

IMG_3286       IMG_3285

Her C box and her cute caterpillar!

This week was her first music class of the year at ACME and she loved it!

IMG_3299         IMG_3302        IMG_3297

She’s not shy and she loves to dance! In the second picture they were making a train for the song “little red caboose.”

IMG_3322  This week’s Bible story was the fall of man. I said to Ella in a sober voice, “Adam and Eve were ashamed and tried to hide from God. Can we hide from God?” She pulled the Adam figure out from behind the tree and yelled, “peek-a-boo!” Then proceeded to hide behind the chair with him and jump out yelling “peek-a-boo!” It cracked me up to think how a two year old’s  perception of the story of sin entering the world was “peek-a-boo!”

IMG_3310                            IMG_3309

This week story time at the library started up again for the year. I could see how much she had grown up over the summer as this was the first time she was interested in the story part of story time. The singing, stretching and parachute were still her favorite parts though!

IMG_3327  The “C” books we enjoyed this week.


8 cups flour + 1 cup baby oil + shells and small toys = lots of fun! It’s called cloud sand.

IMG_3319 This was an activity from the curriculum. The object was to sort colored paper clips and put them on matching paper. E didn’t yet have the coordination to put the paper clips on the paper but it was good practice and gave us an opportunity to talk about color, sorting and patterns.

IMG_3320 She was very excited though when she saw I had bought her a pair of scissors. She felt very grown up learning to use them! 🙂


This was a messy activity but loads of fun and one I hadn’t seen before. It’s paint made by mixing glue and shaving cream. She painted clouds that dry puffy. She made so many of them I plan to decorate the ceiling in our school room with them.

The curriculum told us to go outside and look at clouds but with it be almost 100 degrees everyday I compensated by looking up videos on youtube that teach kids about clouds and we watched those instead. 🙂

Thanks for letting us share another week of preschool at home!