Week Two of Preschool at Home


E was happy that this weeks letter was B. For some reason “B” is her favorite letter and if she doesn’t recognize a letter she will always call it B. She was excited that her saying B over and over was correct this time!


Our B bear. I saw the little paws as hands so it was cute that E insisted they were feet.

IMG_3246      IMG_3247    Beautiful, blue, beaded bracelets and butterflies. I’m starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss book… 🙂

Lots of B books… IMG_3279

This week’s Bible lesson was of day 6 and 7 of creation. I reviewed last weeks lesson of day 1-5 of creation. We learned about Adam and Eve but E decided this lesson was called “the mommy and daddy.” 🙂


E’s favorite part of school this week was learning that bubbles begin with B!

IMG_3259 IMG_3262 IMG_3263 IMG_3260 IMG_3271 The “bubble snake” idea came from the teaching mama curriculum. Even dad got involved acting as a mad scientist adding different ingredients to the bubbles to see what would make the biggest ones. And yep, that’s me in my slippers!

IMG_3275 The suggested activity in the curriculum was to sort different shaped buttons into cups. I didn’t have different shaped ones so I improvised and cut out construction paper shapes to sort onto paper plates. I was surprised by how well she did with this. Since she’s a super active child I placed the plates and shapes far enough apart so she had to run back and forth and burn off some energy!

The last activity was to teach number recognition. In the curriculum she shows how to mark 9 balloons with the numbers 1-9 then hide them and help the child find them in the correct order. I only had one balloon so we played “don’t let the balloon touch the ground” and counted again and again how many times we could keep it in the air.

IMG_3278 So E would get a chance to see the numbers written, I made a number jumping game. I put a piece of duct tape on the floor then cut out 9 squares, numbered them and taped them down. We counted as we jumped from one number to the next.

Thanks for letting me share again our preschool at home adventure!


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