Our First Week Of Preschool at Home

We had so much fun having our first week of official preschool at home. I did a photo shoot of day one to capture the memory. My little girl is growing up so fast!

IMG_2264 Our letter of the week was A. Each school day we started off by reviewing the contents of her “A box” I put together. I collected as many items as I could find that started with the letter A for her to explore and for us to discuss.

I have read about montessori sand paper letters and I like the concept but not the price tag. If you can see in the box, I made my own by cutting sandpaper into 26 rectangles and using some red puffy paint to make a raised letter for her to feel. IMG_3190

She had fun with apples that I helped her sort by color and type. She then went crazy with paint on the “A” poster I made her and we made a stamp out of an apple.



She enjoyed making a big mess with shaving cream! As fast as I could I would make a letter A then Ella would “erase” it over and over laughing like it was  hilarious.


This sensory box was filled with oatmeal, cinnamon, and 9 numbered apples that are a printable that comes with the curriculum. I also added several letter A magnets and paper letter A’s that I had cut out. We played hide the apples and hide the “A’s”. I would bury them under the oatmeal and she would dig them out as fast as she could as we talked about the letter A and the sound it makes.

I checked out from the library as many books that starred with the letter A or had the letter A in the title that I could find. (Finding titles that start with A was harder than I thought it would be!)

IMG_3211              IMG_3212

Of course we enjoyed lots of “just for fun” books this week too.

We made maracas and danced around to phonic songs on youtube that taught the letter A.

This is our A alligator. Isn’t he cute?        IMG_3210

I realized Ella didn’t know how to use a glue stick very well so I cut up paper for her and let her get some practice at using one.

IMG_3193 IMG_3191

Almost daily we do play dough so I turned it into an opportunity to talk about the letter A some more. (yes our play dough is now all one nasty color!)

Our Friday Bible lesson this week was the story of creation.


Here’s Ella’s version 🙂


Hope you enjoyed seeing our first week of preschool at home! I sure had fun teaching and Ella had fun learning!

After school Friday we enjoyed an “A snack,” some hot baked apples covered in cream and brown sugar.. mmm


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