Getting Ready For Preschool at Home Part 3: Our Schedule and Outside Activities

I know our schedule will most likely evolve as we begin using the curriculum and tweaking it and I’m open to that! Here’s a look at our big plans as they are at the moment.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning are teaching mama mornings (the curriculum we are using, see part 2)

I have an early riser preschooler who is up without fail between 6:30 and 7:00 each morning. With that in mind it will be easy for us to have breakfast and morning chores out of the way by 8:45-9:00. I’ll work with her until we break for a snack around 10:00 then have time for more learning fun until lunch. That will leave us with the afternoon to play outside, free play, rest, run errands or whatever.

Tuesdays are music day! Starting September 1st, she will be taking a 1/2 hour preschool music class at the Arkansas Center for Music Education (ACME).

Wednesday’s are library day. Our local library puts on a great 1/2 hour to 40 minute story time for preschoolers and other young kids. It usually involves read aloud time, playing with the parachute (probably the kids favorite part!) and a craft. We were involved last year and really enjoyed it! It will be a good opportunity also to get whatever books I need for the coming week for her preschool curriculum.

Fridays are when I plan to do a felt board Bible lesson with her in addition to her regular routine.

It’s not super involved, just enough for a 2 year old to enjoy and learn.

Our area has a great homeschool co-op that has a preschool class. I thought about enrolling her a year earlier than the other kids in the class but with a baby brother due this fall that may need heart surgery I know it would be a hard time to commit to it right now. She’ll probably enjoy it more anyways next year when she’s 3.

So there you have it! A little sneak peak into Ella’s first preschool year at home!


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