Getting Ready For Preschool at Home Part 2: The Curriculum

A friend of mine told me about this curriculum that she used for preschool for her twin girls. When I saw how messy and hands on the whole thing was I knew it was for me and Ella! I’m definitely not a neat freak, especially when it comes to school stuff with Ella. The messier the better, bring on the glitter!

You can check it out here!

I paid the $6.99 to have the ebook so I could print it off and put it all in a 3 ring binder because I’m old fashioned and prefer to hold a book in my hand over using the computer but even if you don’t buy the full curriculum there is so much free stuff on her website that it’s definitely enough to put together a complete preschool curriculum.


The ebook is a 26 week curriculum based off a letter of the week approach while incorporating math and other important preschool skills.

The only other curriculum I’m using is this guide which came with the felt boards.


It’s the entire Bible in 175 lessons. I won’t be reading the stories from the book because it is too advanced for a 2 year old but I’m following the way the stories are broken up and telling them myself. Even very young children like Ella enjoy watching the colorful Bible characters going up on the felt board as I tell the Bible story.

This felt set is something my mom bought years ago for my younger siblings. When I had Ella I asked her to send them to me since my siblings are teenagers now.

You can check out this resource here:


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