Getting Ready For Preschool at Home Part 1: Our Homeschool space

Ella is 2 1/2 now and this month I’m starting a more structured homeschool day with her. Next week is when we start and here’s a sneak peak into our first “official” homeschool year.

I have a lot to share so I’ll break this post up into 3 parts. Part 1: Our homeschool room, Part 2: The Curriculum, Part 3: Our Schedule and Outside Activities

Over the last couple of months I’ve transformed our homes loft into our school room. It’s so much fun to head up there because Ella knows we’re going to do fun stuff up there and she acts so excited! (Pardon the poor quality of these pictures, they’ll give you an idea of what it looks like anyways)

IMG_2238 IMG_2235

The color and abc posters I got from the dollar store. You can see the table with her educational toys and crafts that she can help herself to. The crayon table and chair set and bookcase (barely showing in this pic) are from hobby lobby.

The magnetic board was a pinterest inspiration. It’s an eleven dollar oil drip pan from Wal-Mart screwed right to the wall.

IMG_2237  These felt boards are for both our Bible stories and ABC felts. I’ll share more about what we use these for when I show you our curriculum.


A map I bought recently at a consignment shop and of course a cozy place to read some books!


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