Just a few more weeks of summer!

I wrote this summer “bucket list” for my two year old back at the beginning of May. It’s so much fun to look and see that I have gotten to do well over half of these things with her so far and we have had so much fun and made so many memories that will last a lifetime! With just a few more weeks of summer left before we start her homeschool preschool I want to finish this list and fit in a little more summer fun!

Here’s the original post with the things we have already enjoyed crossed off the list

May 7  2 Year Old Summer Bucket List

These days are moving by too quickly and there are so many things I want to do with my little girl before she grows up. I’m loving this toddler stage but I know it won’t last forever. Here’s my list to be intentional about some of the fun I want to have with her this summer.

-Participate in our Library’s summer reading program

-play at the splash pad at city park

-go to the water park

-take an airplane ride to go see her relatives on my side of the family

-play in the hose

-experience fireworks for the first time for the fourth of July!

-eat popsicles outside

-paint outside on giant sheets of butcher paper

-go berry/fruit picking

-play in the mud

-make a cold themed sensory bucket

-go to Piney Creek

play with bubbles

-go for a picnic with friends

-make homemade lemonade


-eat giant pieces of watermelon

-make jello in fun molds

-visit the farmers market

-have a campfire

I can’t wait!


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